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Joel Harkin

Mastering Engineer / Songwriter / Producer / Best Mate

In 2017 I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Music Technology and Sonic Arts from Queen's University Belfast. I have recently completed a course in Digital Audio Mastering with Berklee Online. My debut Album 'Never Happy' was nominated for the Best Album Award at the NI Music Prize 2020. Music from my lofi side project uladh. has racked up over a million streams across multiple streaming platforms. I'll do a good job.


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If you're an independent artist, fair play to you. I'll master for you on the cheap, same service, just cheaper!


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'From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs' Sure isn't that what he said? Make's a fair bit of sense to me sham.




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I will quote Marx as many times as is necessary.



music is good. i like it!

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